Publishing and Presenting Research Internationally


Call for papers – Submission Guidelines


Send one electronic copy in an email entitled ‘PPRIconf_oneinitialsurname’ e.g. ‘PPRIconf_gsmith’ , in an attachment also entitled ‘PPRI_oneinitialsurname’ to pamartin@ull.es

Label and format your abstract like this:
• Title in bold
• Name in bold
• Affiliation, address, telephone and email
• Text 300 words maximum
• Single-spaced
• Justified
• Times New Roman 12

Indicate the type of abstract that you are submitting:
• 20-minute individual paper for the parallel sessions
• proposed colloquium paper (this is submitted along with the other papers in the colloquium, and the title of the colloquium)
• 90- or 120-minute workshops
• Posters

• Individual papers will have 30 minutes: 20 for the presentation, 10 for questions
• Colloquia proposers should plan their half day to include four slots, in step with the individual paper slots. If they have a larger number of papers these should be shorter so as to fit more than one into a single slot.
• All abstracts will be anonymously rated by one of the organisers and two members of the Local Organising committee in terms of these criteria:

- relevance of the paper etc. to the conference topic and participants
- soundness of the research design, conceptual framework, analysis and/or interpretation.

• Selected papers will be included in a conference publication.

Last updated: 18/05/2006